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So after a bit of a break I'm super delighted to be playing a few tunes at Billy Kennedy's, soon to be legend, Harbour Lights venue (Crosshaven) next Friday 14th April @ 8pm. John Neville will also be playing a set, has a new album out I hear.. So if you feel inclined do come along. For tickets: Email Billy -
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The Buzz on the Streets

It's here at last people, Mike's first studio album
Jr Mike's Genuine Original Purified Snake Oil
It's ready to go go go with all 11 tracks free to sample.

Like all good albums this one had it's own LAUNCH PARTY
This took take place at The Poor Relation Grocery and Pub on friday 6th of March 2015.
More info on the Press Page

Snake Oil Alchemists

Mike Burgess - Songwriting, Singing, Guitars, mandolin. 

Billy Kennedy - Production, Engineering, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Ukulele. 

Pat Comerford - Electric Guitar, Banjo. 

Paco Cueno - Drums. 

K.B.Violet - Bass, Vocals. 

Karl Glass - Vocals. 

Emer Bradley - Vocals. 

Dara Bradley - Vocals. 

Gary Baus - Saxophone. 

Calvin Cairns - Violin. 

Ruti Lachs - Accordion. 

Karl Rooney - Clarinet and Sax (Ocean Blues). 

Tim Zupanicic - Piano (Ocean Blues). 

Charlie Butler - Drums (Lots of Words). 

Dave Whitla - Acoustic Bass (Lots of words). 

Ben Cooper - Vibraphone (Lots of words). 

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