Harbour Lights Gig 2023

So after a bit of a break I'm super delighted to be playing a few tunes at Billy Kennedy's, soon to be legend, Harbour Lights venue (Crosshaven) next Friday 14th April @ 8pm. John Neville will also be playing a set, has a new album out I hear.. So if you feel inclined do come along. For tickets: Email Billy -

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Snake Oil Launch Press Release

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Mike Burgess 04 feb 2015


Political satirist Mike Burgess from New Zealand, will launch his new original album 'Snake Oil' at the Poor Relation Pub on Friday 6th March. Mike will give us his unique Kiwi take on outlaw style.

Mike's musical style is influenced by John Prine, Randy Newman and Johnny Cash. Contributors to 'Snake Oil' include some of Cork's finest musicians including Karl Rooney, Gary Baus, Billy Kennedy and Dave Whitla.

Mike refers to his musical genre as "Outlaw Silly-Billy," a sort of rock and roots music hybrid that has a local flavour. This is combined with his sentiments about the crazy nature of modern life. Mike also introduces elements of swing, jazz and latin to complete his eclectic take on the human condition.

Mike says "I like to make fun of serious stuff. It stops me getting grumpy about all the things I want to see changed. These songs express how I feel about the way the world is. I'm no Ned Kelly, but this is my nod to the outlaws like him, my way of giving something back to ordinary people. You don't have to be rich to listen to my music. Friday night is free. Come and help us wet this baby's head with a little bit of my 100% guaranteed 'Snake Oil'."

His album launch will feature his own band 'The Brain Waves' and will be supported by 'Gene and The Pools' as well as Ruti Lachs from Killarney and our own Kieran Barry Violet.

Kick off is at 9pm on Friday 6th March at the Poor Relation Grocery and Pub at 19 Parnell Place, Cork. You won't want to miss this. See for further information.


Snake Oil Alchemists

Mike Burgess - Songwriting, Singing, Guitars, mandolin. Billy Kennedy - Production, Engineering, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Ukelele. Pat Comerford - Electric Guitar, Banjo. Paco Cueno - Drums. K.B.Violet - Bass, Vocals. Karl Glass - Vocals. Emer Bradley - Vocals. Dara Bradley - Vocals. Gary Baus - Saxophone. Calvin Cairns - Violin. Ruti Lachs - Accordian. Karl Rooney - Clarinet and Sax (Ocean Blues). Tim Zupanicic - Piano (Ocean Blues). Charlie Butler - Drums (Lots of Words). Dave Whitla - Acoustic Bass (Lots of words). Ben Cooper - Vibes (Lots of words).

Here is some info about the Brain Waves Band  
If you want more, phone mike at 00353 87 3547339.

Before the current Snake Oil project Mike's principal musical outlet was the collection of souls better known as The Brain Waves. Most recently there are four to five playing members of this little collective but honourable mention must go to our dedicated friends and backing vocalists. On a historical note we might mention that The Brain Waves were formed upon the wreckage of an earlier collective known as The Junkyard Explosion. This rarely seen group were a little too fond of breakdancing together and general carousing to ever get about any actual combined musical expression.
In no particular order the band members are:

  • Me: I play guitar and mando and sing.
  • KBV: Bass Guitar and vocalist.
  • Pat: Banjo, mandolin, ukelele, guitar and vocalist.
  • Paco: Drums.

The role of honour of past members looks like this:

  • Karl Downs: Drums.
  • Johnnie Adams: Drums and plastic versions thereoff.
  • Rob: Bass guitar.
  • Karl Glass: All manner of percussive and rhythymic expression and singing as well.
  • Dylan Kelly: Standing and outstanding lead guitar and vocalist
  • Christian Martin: lead violin and mandolin on at least one famous occasion.
  • Andy Wilson: Vocal and moral support.
  • Rab: Outrageous introductions and vocals.
  • Colm: Breakdancing and friendship
  • Davy: More of the same.

Please visit my Bandcamp homepage for the latest and greatest Mikesmusic releases